Hand Towel, Premium Quality Super Absorbent Hand Towels – 12pc, 60pc, 120pc, 180pc

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Size: 16×27 inches
Grade: Blended 86/14
Color: White
Fabric Type: Terry

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Why Use Hurbane Wholesale's Hand Towel?

Introducing the Supremo Hand Towel by Hurbane Wholesale Towel – the perfect blend of contemporary design and modern functionality. Our towels are not just any ordinary paper hand towels; they are an understated luxury, crafted with utmost care and precision. Read on to discover why our Supremo Hand Towel is the ultimate choice for those who seek something lovely and pretty. Transform your everyday drying routine into a luxurious experience with our Supremo Hand Towel. Embrace the contemporary style, superior quality, and versatility it offers. Shop now and discover the difference that Hurbane Wholesale Towel brings to your home.

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Hurbane Towel




Hurbane Wholesale Towels




Blended 86/14


16x27 inches

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Frequently Asked Question

Hand towels are essential items that can be found in many households. There are different types of hand towels available in the market, each with its own unique features and uses.

One type of hand towel is the bath towel, which is larger and more absorbent than regular hand towels. These towels are commonly used after taking a shower or bath to dry the body. They come in various colors and designs, allowing individuals to choose the one that matches their bathroom decor.

Another type of hand towel is the kitchen towel, which is specifically designed for use in the kitchen. These towels are usually made of cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, making them highly absorbent and suitable for cleaning spills and drying dishes.

For individuals with babies or young children, baby hand towels are available. These towels are smaller in size and made of softer materials to be gentle on a baby’s delicate skin. They can be used during bath time or for cleaning up messes.

In addition, there are hand towels made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or organic cotton. These towels are ideal for individuals who prefer sustainable and natural products.

Hand towels come in various sizes, colors, and designs, allowing individuals to find the perfect towel to suit their needs and style. They can be purchased individually or in sets, and are available for sale in stores or online shops. Shipping and delivery options are usually provided, making it convenient to order hand towels from the comfort of one’s home.

Overall, hand towels are versatile products that can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or for personal hygiene. With their softness, absorbency, and quick-drying properties, they are essential items for any household.

When choosing the right hand towel for yourself, there are several factors to consider. First, think about the material you prefer. Cotton is a popular choice for hand towels as it is soft, absorbent, and durable. Other materials like terry or linen may also be options to consider.

Next, think about the size and design of the hand towel. If you are looking for a hand towel for your bathroom, you may want to choose a color that matches your existing decor, such as blue, grey, or green. You can also consider decorative options like embroidery or clipart designs. If you are looking for a towel for specific purposes, such as a manicure or for use with a tissue paper dispenser, you may want to choose a smaller size or a specific material like crochet.

Consider the different brands and stores available to you. Some popular options include Ikea, hotel suppliers, or farmhouse and modern design companies. Look for customer reviews and details about the product to get a sense of its quality and benefits.

Check the price, shipping options, and returns policy before making a purchase. Some stores may offer sales or deals, while others may have gift card options or discounts for larger orders. Make sure to also consider the care instructions for the hand towel, as certain materials may require specific care.

Overall, the key is to find a hand towel that meets your specific needs and preferences in terms of size, material, design, and price.

Yes, you can machine wash Hurbane’s hand towels. Hurbane offers a wide range of hand towels that are designed with high-quality cotton fabric, ensuring softness and absorbency. These towels are perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen, or for baby accessories.

Hurbane’s hand towels come in various colors and designs, giving you plenty of options to match your bathroom or kitchen decor. The towels are made with plush and quick-drying fabric, allowing them to absorb moisture efficiently and dry quickly after use. They are also lightweight and gentle on the skin, making them suitable for use as a washcloth or handkerchief.

To maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the towels, they can be machine washed. Simply toss them in the washing machine with similar colors and use a low-temperature setting. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as this may damage the fabric and affect the absorbency of the towels. After washing, you can either air dry them or tumble dry on a low heat setting.

Hurbane’s hand towels are reusable and durable, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable paper towels. They can be used for various purposes, such as cleaning, face washing, or even as decorative pieces in your bathroom or kitchen.

When placing an order for Hurbane’s hand towels, you can choose from different sizes, colors, and designs to suit your preferences. The company offers secure online shopping and provides all the necessary information about their products, including materials, care instructions, and shipping details. They also have a customer support team available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

In summary, Hurbane’s hand towels are a great choice for those seeking soft, absorbent, and durable towels for their bathroom or kitchen. You can safely machine wash these towels to maintain their quality and cleanliness. With a wide range of options available, Hurbane ensures that customers can find the perfect hand towels to meet their needs and style preferences.

Hurbane Wholesale offers the best hand towels in the market for several reasons. Firstly, their hand towels are made from high-quality cotton fabric, which ensures softness and absorbency. The plush and quick-drying nature of these towels makes them perfect for drying hands in the bathroom or kitchen.

One of the key variations of Hurbane Wholesale hand towels is the wide range of colors and designs available. Whether you prefer a classic white towel or a vibrant blue or green one, they have it all. These color options allow customers to match their towels with their bathroom or kitchen decor, adding a touch of style and elegance.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Hurbane Wholesale hand towels are also highly functional. They are lightweight and gentle on the skin, making them suitable for various purposes. Whether it’s for drying hands, using as a reusable napkin or washcloth, or even as a handkerchief, these towels are versatile and practical.

Hurbane Wholesale also offers a variety of sizes in their hand towel collection. From small decorative towels to larger bath towels, customers can choose the size that best suits their needs. This ensures that everyone in the family, from kids to adults, can find the perfect hand towel for their personal use.

Furthermore, Hurbane Wholesale takes pride in their excellent customer service and support. They provide detailed product information and are always available to answer any questions or concerns. With easy-to-use online ordering and fast delivery, customers can expect a seamless shopping experience.

Hurbane Wholesale also offers gift cards, making their hand towels a great choice for gifting. Whether it’s for a housewarming, birthday, or any other occasion, these hand towels are a practical and thoughtful present.

Lastly, Hurbane Wholesale ensures the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Their towels are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are free from harmful substances and are produced in environmentally friendly conditions. This commitment to using sustainable materials and practices sets them apart from other sellers in the market.

In conclusion, Hurbane Wholesale offers the best hand towels in the market due to their high-quality cotton fabric, wide range of colors and designs, functionality, variety of sizes, excellent customer service, and commitment to sustainability. Whether you need hand towels for your bathroom, kitchen, or as a gift, Hurbane Wholesale has you covered.

Hurbane Wholesale Towel

About the Brand

Hurbane Wholesale Towels is a family-owned business and is a trusted supplier renowned for excellence in textiles, home décor, and other essential home items. Our product range includes quality towels and bed sheets. Our cotton products offer unparalleled comfort, blending plushness with moisture-wicking properties for a refreshing experience. Crafted for durability, our products withstand rigorous use and frequent washing while maintaining softness. Whether for a hotel, spa, or vacation rental, Hurbane Wholesale Towels & Bed Sheets provides an elegant solution to enhance guest comfort and satisfaction.

3 reviews for Hand Towel, Premium Quality Super Absorbent Hand Towels – 12pc, 60pc, 120pc, 180pc

  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought these hand towels on a Black Friday special, and they are incredible! I wasn’t sure what the quality would be, but they have exceeded my expectations. I didn’t notice any significant shrinking or loss of softness after washing.

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  2. 5 out of 5


    I use these for hot towel treatments in my massage practice. They have lasted a year and a half of nearly daily use. After that long I have a couple of towels beginning to fray. The durability of these is fantastic.

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  3. 5 out of 5


    The Supremo Hand Towel is a game-changer! As a fitness enthusiast, I need something that can handle the sweat, and this towel does the job perfectly. The quick-drying feature is a huge plus, and it stays fresh even after intense workouts.

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